A new take on whiskey



Traditional whiskey can take 6 to 12 years to passively age in a barrel yet emerging markets are creating shortages that established distilleries simply can’t manage. With disruptive technology, our process uses pressure variations and oxygenation that reduces maturation time to less than 24 hours. We’re also developing new and different flavor profiles with transformative woods like black cherry, apple and hickory that are winning Gold Medals around the world. The industry isn’t happy.




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Digital concierge for the $26 billion U.S. nightlife market


Discotech is an app that allows you to search, discover, and RSVP to the hottest clubs, lounges and live music events—it’s the Kayak.com for nightlife. Before Discotech, the only way to get into the best clubs was through club promoters—middlemen who get paid on commission and take their large cut of fees. With Discotech, you can now browse through dozens of clubs, book your tickets, and enjoy the night seamlessly.


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Location based services


A revolutionary new approach to indoor positioning that combines data from mobile phone sensors with map information such as floor plans, and wifi “maps” where available, to give highly accurate location information without the need for any further hardware.


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Invest in disease prevention



The company has been formed around two viral vector vaccines, one to prevent influenza and the other to treat prostate cancer.
Viral vector vaccines are particularly good at treating some of the most recalcitrant illnesses. The underlying technology is built on years of experience perfecting viral vector vaccine technology across multiple indications. The company’s protected chimpanzee adenovirus technology is the best way to generate T-cell responses and thereby generate lasting cell-mediated immunity. The assets are already in the clinic with very promising initial results.

The founders of the company are Professor Adrian Hill (Director of the Jenner Institute) and Professor Sarah Gilbert (Lead in influenza and MERS), who combine their exceptional scientific skills with regulatory and manufacturing experience.

This autumn, Vaccitech will begin a phase IIB efficacy study for a universal influenza vaccine in the over 65 population, and an extended phase I prostate cancer trial.


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International Sustainable Communities


Expansion Partner is designing and building innovative sources of inspiration for sustainable living. We are creating premium communities for European active adults. 

The first community, located in southern Europe, will set a new standard for a sustainable environment on approximately 800 acres planned for a wide range of amenities promoting an active lifestyle including 4,000 homes. 

Expansion Partner’s goals are:
1. To become the leader of Sustainable Communities internationally
2. To become the first full service Active Senior Living Community Provider in Europe
3. To create a highly profitable & successful business model to replicate worldwide

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BioTech Startup Opportunity


NovaHep, Gothenburg, Sweden, is a biotechnology company founded as a spin-off from the Karolinska Institute with a unique, proprietary technology in the field of regenerative medicine.

NovaHep is addressing a great, unmet medical need by focusing on tissues that are not easily replaced by synthetic or semi-synthetic prosthetic grafts.

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Canadian chemical business opportunity



Adhesives, Coatings, Sealants Chemicals Plastic Welders formulating For Sale
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Asking Price:
$1M – $5M (CAD) Furniture / Fixtures and Inventory / Stock included
Sales Revenue:
$500K – $1M (CAD)

Cash Flow:
$250K – $500K (CAD)

We produce an array of threadlock are used in locking oilfield casings, long bore (off-shore & on-land), *automotive autobody plastic welding equipment, plus marine fibreglass, agricultural sprayer & holding tank plastic repair, underground plastic diesel tanks, repair and modifications, septic tank repair.etc. Up-to 35,000 THREAD LOK kits sold annually.