ONLINE RENTAL MARKETPLACE is an online rental marketplace connecting people who have something to lease, with people who are looking for something to rent.

They have a vision and passion to make it a global platform which will connect millions of people worldwide, who will be able to share their items with others and earn money.

Anyone will be able to rent items anywhere in the world, with millions of great listings available worldwide.
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Ultra fast charging batteries


We help battery companies make more energetic ultra fast charging batteries

Besstech LLC is a lithium-ion component design and engineering company, helping companies improve the performance of lithium ion batteries by increasing their energy, reducing their charging time, reducing their cost and making them more environmentally friendly. Our solutions are applicable to both traditional Li-ion batteries and to solid-state thin-film batteries.

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Backend software platform makes it easy to launch any IoT company


Mobodexter makes it simple for Internet of Things companies to build and launch. We handle all the complicated backend software so teams can focus on beautiful products. Just like Amazon Web Services supports millions of websites, Mobodexter will be the out-of-the-box foundation that powers the entire IoT industry. Eventually every smart lightbulb, thermostat, bluetooth and wifi device will rest on our Paasmer software. Mobodexter is the foundation of a connected future that’s only just begun.

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The next generation of electronic payments

SoPayMe is the next generation of electronic payments, providing real-time payments for Consumer (Person-to-Person [P2P]), Retail (Person-to-Business [P2B]), Business-to-Business [B2B], or virtually any other type of payment between two parties. SoPayMe is positioned to be the global industry standard for payments. Cost is a flat fee of only pennies per transaction, regardless of the dollar amount of the transaction. No more interchange need be paid on transactions, saving up to 90% on transaction costs.

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Decontamination and infection control technologies that reduce the risk of healthcare acquired infections


Aseptium develops technologies that reduce the risk of infectious diseases transmitted directly through surgical instruments and medical equipment.

We created uSonic range of instrument washers for hospitals and dental clinics to address the problem of cleaning the most complex instruments used in medicine today. Cleaning of instruments is critical, otherwise sterilisation is not effective.

uSonics are based on our unique, patent pending technology that reduces the risk of cross-contamination between instruments. In addition, we will offer a range of accessories and consumables (detergents and cleanliness testing kits) as well as technical training, education and support services. We offer a dedicated, holistic solution to decontamination of complex instruments.

Beyond UK and EU we will expand our business to China and USA. We aim to license our IP to local manufacturers and supply our products through distributors of decontamination equipment globally.

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Digital concierge for the $26 billion U.S. nightlife market

Discotech is an app that allows you to search, discover, and RSVP to the hottest clubs, lounges and live music events—it’s the for nightlife. Before Discotech, the only way to get into the best clubs was through club promoters—middlemen who get paid on commission and take their large cut of fees. With Discotech, you can now browse through dozens of clubs, book your tickets, and enjoy the night seamlessly.

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Location based services

A revolutionary new approach to indoor positioning that combines data from mobile phone sensors with map information such as floor plans, and wifi “maps” where available, to give highly accurate location information without the need for any further hardware.

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Invest in disease prevention


The company has been formed around two viral vector vaccines, one to prevent influenza and the other to treat prostate cancer.
Viral vector vaccines are particularly good at treating some of the most recalcitrant illnesses. The underlying technology is built on years of experience perfecting viral vector vaccine technology across multiple indications. The company’s protected chimpanzee adenovirus technology is the best way to generate T-cell responses and thereby generate lasting cell-mediated immunity. The assets are already in the clinic with very promising initial results.

The founders of the company are Professor Adrian Hill (Director of the Jenner Institute) and Professor Sarah Gilbert (Lead in influenza and MERS), who combine their exceptional scientific skills with regulatory and manufacturing experience.

This autumn, Vaccitech will begin a phase IIB efficacy study for a universal influenza vaccine in the over 65 population, and an extended phase I prostate cancer trial.

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