Protecting the Public From Ballistic Violence Where They Work, Live, and Play. Amulet´s award-winning Ballistic Barrier technology, designed to absorb bullets and shrapnel, has been embraced by the Security Industry, leading to the creation of an entirely new layer of protection for the public space. Now, furniture common to airports, schools, hospitals, offices, and other environments can also serve to protect life ‘invisibly’ from gun and blast violence. Demand is growing, and so is the company.

Investment Terms
Priced round
$9.25M pre-money valuation
If you invest, you’re betting Amulet Protective Technologies will be worth more than $9.25M in the future.
Source: Wefunder
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Lovesac specializes in a patented modular furniture system called Sactionals, consisting of two combinable pieces, “Seats” and “Sides”. Lovesac also sells Sacs, a foam-filled beanbag.

Investment terms:
Funding Goal: $25,000,000
Current Reservations: $17,362,099
Minimum Reservation: $10,000
Interest (% per year): 8.00%
Source: Crowdfunder
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