Osha Clean brings together people who need their windows cleaned with reliable local window cleaners. With online booking and payment, customers have a really convenient way to book a window cleaner. And window cleaners can get new customers without investing in expensive marketing.

Raised: 45%
Investors: 72
Equity: 15.00%
Pre-money valuation: £283,333

Source: Crowdcube
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A new series of innovatively-designed conveyor tunnel car washes (called Hitouch) will soon be found in shopping mall parking lots around the US.  This means that instead of wasting time waiting for your wash to finish, you can drop off your ride, spend as much time in the mall as you want, and walk out to a sparkling set of wheels.  Both the mall and the car wash experience have never made more sense.

With million-dollar licensing revenues in tow and 14 pre-sold mall locations nationwide, it’s time to shine a new light on this century-old industry!

Source: Fundable
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Pool maintenance is a daily hassle costing time, energy, and money whether you maintain the pool yourself or have a service technician do it for you. Organic matter from leaves, twigs, grass, and other waste begin algae growth, disrupting your pool’s pH balance. In addition, debris captured by the pool’s skimmer and main drain clog your filter, increasing the energy used by your pump and the need for backwashing. SkimKing keeps your water clean by catching debris before it sinks to the bottom or is caught by the skimmer, relieving pressure build up in the filter, decreasing the amount of backwashing, and cutting the energy used by your pump up to 50%.

Source: Fundable
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