Launched November 2016, Armour Agent is an online recruitment and personnel management platform that aims to make hiring security professionals more efficient and accessible. As global security concerns increase the private security industry is estimated to have grown 7.4% in 2016 to $244 billion.
Armour Agent is a global real-time Security Operative booking and logistics web application.
We connect highly-skilled security operatives with contracts in maritime and land-based security within high-risk areas based on real-time data matching and location planning. We provide an all-in-one logistical tool for security operatives, agencies and corporate clients .
Armour Agent allows agencies to keep track of their own operatives through location mapping and calendar planning, hire and lease operational kit.
Equity Offered: 20%

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Since 1988, Campagna Motors has developed and produced three-wheeled vehicles designed for pure performance. Over the years, we have developed an expertise in design, engineering, and assembly of three-wheeled vehicles and dominated the space as a world leader. Campagna Motors has over 2,000 vehicles on the road, and the Campagna T-REX® and Campagna V13R® models are available for purchase from many authorized dealers in Canada and the United States. With 150 vehicles being produced each year, we want to give you the opportunity to invest in Campagna Motors as we plan to increase our distribution network, product line-up, and production for expansion throughout the United States.

Campagna has spent over 20 years perfecting its vehicles and mastering the blend of car and motorcycle in some of the most thrilling and enjoyable trikes on the road today. Campagna aims to make its vehicles more accessible to driving enthusiasts across the globe while demonstrating how these safe, alternative, and exquisitely designed roadsters bring bold and daring to the extraordinary. ��To be able to offer this new trike along with the existing high-end trikes like the T-REX and V13R, we intend to build a network of 100 points of sales across the USA. This network will consist of 40 Campagna boutique stores, dedicated to the sales, service, and rental of Campagna Motors trikes and around 60 franchise stores located in key territories. All stores will be able to facilitate the ownership experience with local Owner’s Group events and exceptional service for customers. The rental business will also generate revenues and help facilitate sales as customers can experience our trike for a day, a weekend or a week and better understand what separates us from the competition.
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Flow Neuroscience have developed a new kind of depression treatment which combines an easy-to-use brain stimulation headset with an engaging, personalized mobile app to target both the physical and behavioral elements of major depressive disorder (MDD).

Safe, affordable, scalable
The treatment solution is based on the latest research that helps individuals address both the physical and behavioural elements of depression at their own pace, in the comfort of their home. It is safer than antidepressants and more affordable than talk therapy, but with comparable efficiency.

The treatment consists of:
* An easy-to-use medical grade headset for brain stimulation.
* An smartphone app to help you change your daily routines and break the negative behavioural patterns that comes with depression.
100+ scientific studies have shown brain stimulation to be a safe and effective way to counter the brain activity imbalance found in people suffering from major depressive disorder (MDD).

If you experience at least five of these symptoms nearly every day you might be suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD):
* Depressed mood
* Disinterest in activities
* Unplanned weight loss/gain
* Extreme fatigue
* Excessive or inappropriate guilt
* Psychomotor agitation(difficulty being still)
* Loss of focus
* Oversleeping/not getting enough sleep
* Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

The most common treatments for depression up until now are anti-depressant medications, talk therapy, and exercise. We will change this. Medications can cause side effects that are worse than the depression itself. The treatment program from Flow Neuroscience is designed to avoid medication while still treating the physical and behavioral elements of the disease.
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User friendly social commerce app for lifestyle products.The social commerce market, i.e. eCommerce enriched with personal recommendation and social interactions, is worth 30 billion $ worldwide and largely growing by 20% p.a.
Mongoo fills a gap in the European market : it is the only platform that gives all the consumer is waiting for : fashion, lifestyle products and simple checkout.
The technology is in place. They seek investments for getting it out on the market.
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Innoscentia is a privately owned chemical or biochemical company targeting different markets with printable sensor technologies for the detection of certain volatile food components that indicate the degradation of food. They have developed a sensing technology for meat packages that can reveal the actual status of the packaged product. Innoscentia’s forefront technology has the potential to replace date labeling as a standard of telling how good your food is feeling.

• Avoid unnecessary waste
• Pro-long Shelf Life
• Use data to optimize demand levels

Innoscentia is seeking 10 million SEK (1,05 million USD) in funding.
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ONLINE RENTAL MARKETPLACE is an online rental marketplace connecting people who have something to lease, with people who are looking for something to rent.

They have a vision and passion to make it a global platform which will connect millions of people worldwide, who will be able to share their items with others and earn money.

Anyone will be able to rent items anywhere in the world, with millions of great listings available worldwide.
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